We are Cole Harbour's neighbourhood restaurant and bar for fun with friends and family.
Come in and stay awhile!
Lots of great entertainment, friendly staff, drink specials, and made-from-scratch delicious food.

Book Us For Your


1. Reservations for Large Parties
We like to be prepared so you can relax and enjoy our service. Please reach out to reserve if you have over 10 people in your party. Looking forward to seeing you and your guests!
2. Sports Teams
We've been supporting Fundraisers, Charity Events & Auctions for well over two decades. It does take time to prepare on our part, so please feel free to call us to set up a meeting. Let's work together for the LOVE of sport.
3. Bands and DJs
Think you got what it takes and have a killer demo? We need to know you can bring a solid crowd and will co-promote! Let's work together.
4. Events on TV
Can't find a live free stream from your laptop? We have over 18 High Definition TV Screens and 2 Projectors. We most likely have what you are looking to watch. Just give us a call to make sure.